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Solar Panel Installation by Elite Electrical Solutions, Grimsby.

Case Study 🌞🔋⚡️

Finishing the week on a high 🙌

It has been a frosty but productive few days for the Elite Electrical Solutions team ❄️ 

Our site installers have been working hard to fit the first solar panels of the year. 

Our latest solar panel installation consists of: 

👉 GivEnergy 3.68kw Hybrid Inverter Gen3

👉 ⁠GivEnergy 9.5kwh battery

👉 11 x 435w Jinko panels

👉 11 x Tigo optimisers as this property has some shading

👉 Solar PV Db fitted

👉 Black bird protection fitted as standard

Great work everyone! 


EES operates nationwide 🇬🇧 

We are approved GivEnergy, Solax, Solis and Huawei Installers 💚  

For a free quotation on any size domestic or commercial Solar PV installations, contact us today 👍 

📱 07476090700


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