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Solar Panel Installation, Lincolnshire

Case Study 🔋⚡️🏡

The Elite Electrical Solutions team have done it again! 👏

A really impressive install consisting of: 

👉 9 x Jinko 435w panels for 3.915kWp

👉 Sola-skirt edging for birdproofing & aesthetics

👉 9 x Tigo Optimisers

👉 GivEnergy 3.6KW inverter

👉 GivEnergy 9.5kwh Battery

Great job and another very happy customer! 🤝

If you’d like to find out more about Solar PV systems and the benefits they could have for your home or business, contact EES today! 🌞 


EES operates nationwide 🇬🇧 

We are approved GivEnergy, Solax, Solis and Huawei Installers 💚  

For a free quotation on any size domestic or commercial Solar PV installations, contact the team 👍 


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